Street View has notified the certification. As of yesterday, 26 September, a Street View certified photographer has joined our team. A certified Street View photographer is different from a normal photographer. Quite simply, our professional will take 360-degree shots. These are the photos that allow the user to navigate in Street View. Our professional uses the same technology and as such can take virtual tours of your establishment, your premises, your shelf. In the last few days, our professional has taken a 360 degree photo of the inside of a food warmer in a rotisserie. The result is mouth-watering.

The technology at our professional’s disposal are two smartphones tested for outdoor shooting and a 360 degree camera, a Ricoh Theta S, tested for indoor environments and 360 degree video shooting.

These photos integrate very well into wordpress, the CMS we use, and allow for a real visit to the site. The only thing you can’t touch are the smells and tastes, but sooner or later we’ll equip ourselves for that too. Here are some examples of 360 degree photos. If you would like to know more, please contact us on 339.3888313.

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